We started making cider way back in 2002. As a hobby became a passion we slowly developed our techniques to provide today a real pure Somerset cider, additive free and probably the first sulphite free cider in Somerset.

As we attended more and varied venues and shows with our Cider Bar, Woods Bar Services matured.

We are primarily cider makers but due to the high demand and interest on our unique Cider Bar and our besoke way of providing our own cider in a old fashioned traditional manner Woods Bar Services has grown…

Woods Bar Services offers a mobile bar service to cater for any event, large or small, inside or outdoors. We will organise the bar and its sundries, glasses and licenses, staff and stock, and let you get on with enjoying and socialising, after all, it is your party!


Traditional Cider Bar

A solid cedar wooen bar, roughly sawn with bags of character is used with cider dispensed from antique stone cider flagons covered in Somerset willow.

An area of 12’ x 7’ either in your marquee, outbuilding or barn is required, alternatively we can use our own army tent (loads of room) and position ourselves wherever susitable (perhaps somewhere for the band?).

This is ‘Real Cider’ and just in case its not to your taste, we can serve any cider you wish.

Traditional Bar

Using the same format as for the Cider Bar, with an extensive range of beers, ales, lagers and spirits. You can tailor the drinks supplied to your own specifications.

Mobile Bar

A self contained mobile unit, fully equipped to dispense draught beers, lagers and ciders, with coolers and fridges.

Easy to set up – an instand bar/pop-up bar.


In any event we will provide the following options:

Fully trained staff for the duration of your event


Bar and sundries

Waste bins for recycling bar refuse

A fully stocked bar

and also for the non-alcoholic option Woods Pure Apple Juice